interesting ideas of the Shum Shui Po Story

the topics about Sham Shui Po from the following groups are quite good. you can visit their links posted on this blog right column to give your comments:
  • Any Red  的 椅友 《椅夢》
  • Daily Paradise in Sham Shui Po 的 後巷故事
  • CHOI BLOG 的 菜檔 老店
  • 絲絨之路的公路賽
  • 萬寶路的寵物情意
  • 開心SHARE心水寶的 修單車的RONALD先生
  • our blog 666 的發泡膠箱

it is only the first stage and you all will have to find a unique angle and a creative way to tell the story.

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An interesting way for you to tell a story.

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Hello all story-tellers!

This is the platform for you to share the value of Sham Shui Po.

Let’s go into the place, collect the “Favorite Scenes” and transform them into stories of H.A.R.D in Sham Shui Po.

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